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Haining Xinguangyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Premier manufacturer of LED filament bulbs and T8 LED tubes

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  • Phone: +86-573-87632540
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    No. 89 Jiangchao Road, Dingqiao Town, Haining, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Xinguangyuan (New Lights) Lighting is a long established manufacturer of light bulbs and light tubes in China. Since 1998 New Lights has been developing energy efficient lighting solutions utilizing most advanced technology in the every phase of the industry evolution. Stick to a niche and do it well. This is a principle upon which the company was founded and is still being carried today. This founding principle established the company's position as a respected manufacturer that has been delivering valued-added contract manufacturing solutions through its strict adherence to the most rigorous quality control and sustainable cost improvement standards known to the industry.

New Lights started out as a fluorescent lamp manufacturer and achieved significant organic growth thanks to its full-blown fabrication capabilities. The progress in solid state lighting technology has been breathtaking during the last two decades. The founders of New Lights witnessed the developments in LED technology that pushed the boundaries of artificial lighting and take pride in being forward-thinking for their dedication to technological innovation in LED applications. New Lights remains ever more competitive in the LED lighting industry. Once a leading manufacturer of fluorescent tubes (and still holding this position with a daily capacity of 80,000 pieces), New Lights is now one of the top manufacturers of T8 LED tubes and LED filament bulbs. The company's product portfolio also includes SMD LED bulbs and LED panel lights.

The core competencies of New Lights are its large-scale manufacturing infrastructure and unrivalled expertise across the whole value chain. Encompassing a vast area of 35,000 square meters, New Lights owns 15 production lines and a complete suite of capabilities ranging from LED packaging and clean area assembly to optics productions and glass blowing, etc., which in turn deliver both economies of scale and economies of vertical integration. With 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, New Lights has developed a unique wealth of experience and expertise in providing efficient and cost-effective OEM solutions. New Lights's loyal customers are distributed in more than 50 countries over the world. A more interesting fact is that New Lights has been providing turkey manufacturing solutions for many domestic brands e.g., NVC, TCL and Midea, further demonstrating the company's competitiveness in the industry.

The company's dedication to manufacturing excellence and customer satisfaction is unparalleled. New Lights has built a solid reputation for quality and timely production through innovative process development and relentless quality control. Every New Lights product is line tested for reliability and flawless performance. With third party verified compliance to the requirements of widely accepted industry standards such as CE, UL, CB, SAA, FCC, CCC, New Lights holds a dedicated, unwavering commitment to uncompromising perfection in every aspect.
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